The Seven Steps to Peace on Earth

  1. BE TRUE TO YOUR IMAGE.  G-d created mankind in His image, and not the other way around. Darkness  begins when we confuse His light with an artificial image or force.
  2. WE ARE WHAT WE SPEAK.  Be mindful of words; they represent who we are. That’s why we must not  curse in G-d’s name. Our words can incite hatred or inspire peace.
  3. DON’T TAKE LIFE FOR  GRANTEDThou shalt not murder is the beacon that illuminates the  sanctity of human life. When one does not value life, taking the life of  another is conceivable.
  4. RESPECT THE PROPERTY  OF OTHERS. Thou shalt not steal means to honour other peoples rights  to property, privacy and peace. Evil takes root when a person or nation  denies others their rights.
  5. VALUE THE BOND OF  FAMILY. Honour the divinity of marriage. The seeds of loyalty, love  and respect that are planted in the home translate into loyalty, love and  respect in society.
  6. SHOW COMPASSION.  Be kind to all of G-d’s creations. Do not cause animals to suffer. Every  creature has a soul, from the family pet to the African Giraffe, all are  equally deserving.
  7. PURSUE JUSTICE.  Acknowledge and uphold a system of justice, based on these seven steps.  Justice is the cornerstone of civilization and the foundation for a world  of peace.